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Following are some of our factsheets providing a brief summary of specific services.

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Pestalozzistrasse 25


Hamburg, DE 22305




Latitude: 53.587591

Longitude: 10.048302



Tel :+33 ( 0 ) 5 34 36 80 80

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Airline Start-up

Relaer-D have performed a turnkey project whereby we established a Business Plan and set up an airline on behalf of an investor.  From an operational standpoint the following activities were performed (non comprehensive list):

  • Management Team
We provided key postholders (Accountable Manager, Flight Operations, Maintenance, Training, Quality and Safety) and wrote all the Job Descriptions to enable others to take over.
  • Organisation
Prepared the organisation charts processes and procedures for all activities.
  • Documentation
Prepared all necessary documentation for the AOC and necessary technical forms.
  • Staff
Hired local staff and selected local flight attendants.
  • Training Facility
Audited external training facility for Flight Attendant training and signed agreement.  Established location for Flight Crew recurrent training.
  • Technical Crew
Contracted expat Pilots and Engineers
  • Agencies
Signed Agency contracts for airport services at home base and outside bases (Fuel, Aircraft servicing, Airport Services, Security etc.)
  • Aircraft
Purchased one aircraft and leased a second and performed all the contract negotiations.
  • Insurance
Presented the airline to insurers in France and obtained insurance certificates.
  • OEM Agreements
Signed agreements with major OEM for aircraft support
  • Spares and Ground Support Equipment
Ordered all necessary spares and ground equipment for home base.
  • Hangar
Ensured that the hangar was compliant to accept the aircraft and defined the work required and supervised it.
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
Put in place an ERP and signed up with agencies for family support
  • Local Authorities
Established a good rapport with local authorities to ensure successful start-up.