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Aircraft Suitability Analysis

In selecting a suitable aircraft for lease, Relaer-D will perform an analysis of the aircraft offered by lessors.  

The analysis is performed by comparing the existing aircraft in the customer’s fleet or the specific requirements of the customer, and conducted based on the following assessment criteria:
Commercial Compatibility:
The commercial compatibility assessment covers the weight of the aircraft, cabin configuration, in-flight entertainment requirements, galleys, lavatories, cargo loading system as well as aircraft availability.
Performance Compatibility: 
The performance compatibility assessment covers all performance related issues such as engine type, engine thrust ratings, ETOPS, HF Radio, Metric altimeters (if required), brake fans (if required), thrust bump. amongst others.
Equipment Compatibility:
The equipment compatibility assessment compares the equipment installed on the aircraft to be leased to those available at the airline for commonality purposes and to assess the financial repercussions. Along with the more expensive avionics items the status of wheels and brakes are assessed.
Maintenance Compatibility:
The maintenance compatibility ensures that a proper analysis is made with respect to the planned maintenance events and compares these to the lessor funding contributions to such events.  A review is made of the Life Limited Parts, Engine Overhaul schedule, landing gear status and APU status.  In addition the events are analysed to assess whether they will cause disruption to the airline operation.
The benefits of performing the Aircraft Suitability Analysis has been proven in so far that an aircraft which at first glance seemed to be the right choice proved, after analysis, to be more expensive during the lease term.