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Airline Cost Efficiency Review

Review the airline technical situation with respect to its competitiveness in the market place and its added value to the airline.
Relaer-D will address the airline’s areas of efficiency improvements and cost reduction within the present set up to achieve the lowest possible production cost including a review of ‘make or buy’.  In performing this analysis address opportunities of revenue enhancement by reviewing services which can be offered with the presently available resources thereby reducing the overall costs through marginal revenue incomes.
Relaer-D approach consists of establishing the existing baseline of personnel (productive vs non-productive) and by functions which support the airline’s fleet.
The in-house costs (Infrastructure, Overheads Costs, Line Maintenance, Engineering, Components etc.) are then analysed and compared with the costs of contracting the services.
Based on the above efficiency analysis a “make or buy” decision is made on the various issues.

An independent and unbiased view of costs based on market intelligence.