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Airline Organisation Review

When wishing to direct an airline’s organisation toward new objectives, the management needs to assess its existing capabilities and its ability to tackle new challenges.

Our service provide an independent and impartial assessment which enables management to ascertain the readiness of its organisation to meet its objectives.
Relaer-D has the expertise to assist in reviewing your airline’s in accordance with EU/FAA or other international airworthiness requirements.
The following reviews highlight activities which can be performed individually or packaged according to your needs.
Organisational review
Review and evaluation of the management system at all levels throughout the organisation, ensuring supervision and control of operations and maintenance activities in accordance with standards of the Operator and requirements of the local Airworthiness Authorities.
Contractual review
Review of contracts established with third parties whether, Service providers, Lessors, Original Equipment Manufacturers or MROs resulting in potentially significant cost savings.
Operational review
Review of personnel, procedures and readiness in the following areas: Flight Operations - Operational Control and Flight Dispatch - Cabin and Cargo Compartment Operations - Operational Security
Technical review
Review of personnel, procedures and readiness in the following areas: Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance - Ground Handling - Cargo Operation.
We can offer an optional service of a pre-IOSA review see the description ‘Pre-IOSA Review’.
The benefits achieved by customers who have used this service were as follows:
  • More streamlined and efficient organisation.
  • Cost saving through elimination of redundancies.
  • Readiness for induction of new aircraft type.
  • Reduction in insurance premiums